Creatine Muscle Builder Powder Review

Creatine monohydrate is globally recognized and officially approved as a safe and effective nutritional supplement. The most common use is in the sports industry for increasing muscle mass, strength, endurance, and regeneration. It’s one of the most thoroughly researched nutritional supplements. Some may be surprised to hear about the other lesser known, but just as impressive, benefits of creatine supplementation such as for the heart, bones, brain (memory), and nervous system.

When taken orally, creatine goes directly into the muscles. Millions of professional and amateur athletes, along with the International Society of Sports Nutrition, recognize creatine as an effective, performance-enhancing, natural nutritional supplement which is free of side effects. The SSN actually designated it as the most effective natural nutritional supplement, scientifically proven to increase muscle strength, performance, elasticity, endurance and regeneration of muscles both in long-term and short-term users.

The NutraSense Company in Lenexa, Kansas carries the ONLY non-Chinese made creatine monohydrate. The raw ingredient, called Creapure, is produced in an FDA-registered plant in Germany under strict GMP regulations, where it’s guaranteed absolute purity and potency. Creapure is derived from a patented chemical synthesis and is kosher for Pareve. Labeled as Createam by The NutraSense Company, it is packaged into 500 gram jars of loose powder with no added fillers whatsoever. Top medical professionals and knowledgeable health-conscious inpiduals seek out Creapure Creatine Monohydrate as the worldwide benchmark for creatine quality.

Did you know our heart is the most important muscle we have? With age, the human heart loses phosphocreatine and ATP, and the energy status is reduced by the creatine kinase system in the heart muscle. This reduced state impairs cardiac function. Studies indicate that creatine supplementation increases heart muscle strength, which in turn positively impacts our quality of life in healthy folks, as well as those recovering from trauma, and going through rehabilitation.

Studies have also shown that creatine has a pronounced neuroprotective effect and is thus able to protect neurons from various stress factors. Taking 5 grams a day of creatine seems to boost both memory and intelligence, slows down mental fatigue, and improves cognitive functions of the brain under stress. The brain gets most of its energy from a form of sugar called glucose, but converting sugar to fuel takes time. Much faster than glucose, creatine can provide a short swell in energy to cells that are working overtime. Supplements can also improve memory in those with naturally low levels (like vegetarians) in a very short period of time.

In the early days of creatine supplementation, there were many unregulated manufacturing procedures, and some products were impure and laced with doping agents. Even today the FDA warns consumers about tainted muscle building and weight loss drugs. Always read supplement labels closely and look for where the product is sourced. Currently, Creapure is the only non-Chinese made creatine monohydrate and can be found under the NutraSense brand name Createam.


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